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What is 3-D UV Coating?

3-D UV coating is a polymer-based coating that takes traditional, transparent spot UV jobs to another level. Instead of a simple, flat, spot varnish, we use three-dimensional spot UV to give images a quality you can see and touch. This makes your printed products stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression, and adds value to your product by engaging sight and touch like never before.

3-D UV utilizes High Gloss and Variable Densities, up to 99 gloss units (GU), the highest gloss available for printed materials, and up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than selective varnish. Using 10 times more liquid than normal spot UV, raised 3-D UV looks and feels like embossing. Variable densities from 1% to 100% allow different levels of height and gloss, achieving unforgettable tactile effects that leave an impression you can feel.

Scodix, Inc., two-time winner in the 2016 Print Excellence Awards
Using this digital enhancement technology, the possibilities are endless, Raised UV can be used in conjunction with premium matte, soft-touch lamination, foil processes, die cutting, and much more to add to the final appeal of the product. Splashprint will make your creations stand out, bringing your ideas to life with the most advanced technology available. Our commitment to providing high-end, high-impact print work led us to purchasing a Scodix Ultra Pro digital raised UV press, the first west of the Mississippi.

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