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In our nearly 40 years of existence our group of printing companies has always prided ourselves in bringing craftsmanship, value, and the latest techniques to our customers, whether they be smaller shops or large corporations.

Splashprint is focused on bringing the latest print finishing techniques to traditional product lines – providing high-end, high-impact printed pieces.


In 1977, our parent company began as a letterpress trade finishing shop, servicing local printers with finishing services such as die-cutting, foil stamping, embossing and converting. Over the decades we have expanded to offer offset and digital printing, laminating, spot UV coating and also sell complete printed products utilizing these capabilities. Our commitment to providing high-end, high-impact print work led us to purchasing a Scodix Ultra Pro digital raised UV press, the first west of the Mississippi.

Spashprint combines our traditional print products experience with the latest industry technology enabling us to deliver innovative finishing services in conjunction with complete printed product offerings.

Mission and Values

Whether we are your project's whole printing solution or just a part of it, we are dedicated to doing our portion with the highest level of quality and expertise.

Traditional craftsmanship: Having an eye for acute detail has always been important no matter how much technology has been integrated into the process.

Relationship oriented: Like many businesses we rely on repeat business and understand that relationships are developed over time.  However, those relationships require a good first step, so we are dedicated to making your first interaction with us (as well as all the ones that follow it), a 100% satisfying one!

Dedicated to the Industry: As a forward thinking company dedicated to the printing industry, we continually adapt to the latest technologies and current business practices.  This allows us to maintain outstanding value, while employing the latest techniques, treatments, and processes.


We serve independent designers, in-house marketing departments, printers and print brokers, large and small.

Because we understand the entire scope of most print projects we are able to fit in exactly where our clients need us to. You may task us with completing your entire project from design, to production, to finish. Or, you may involve us only for finishing services – such as adding the latest digital raised UV process to your already supplied printed sheets.

Regardless of the size and scope of the job, we always stand behind our work!

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